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Let’s start with some good news:

  • European Commission Executive Vice-President Maroš Šefčovič – in pole  position to replace Frans Timmermans as leader of the EU’s Green Deal – said that work on full legislation requires greater assessment and dialogue. In the spirit of the statement, the EC has announced its intention to publish only one of four proposals on animal welfare this political term. At the end of this year it will present proposals on animal transport, but for now the proposals on keeping animals (cage ban), animal breeding, slaughter and labeling are not expected to be adopted.
  • Two Dutch  feed producers are suing the government and demanding compensation for their economic losses. These losses resulted from the government program to reduce the national livestock population. In the producers opinion  it is unfair that farmers receive subsidies while the feed industry receives no supportThis case could create an interesting precedent.
  • The grain harvest in Russia in 2023 may reach 135 million tons, of which 90 million tons will be wheat. Earlier, the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation predicted the grain harvest at the level of 123 million tons, incl. 78 million tons of wheat.
  • January – July US pork exports ARE at 1.6 mt., after a growth of 13%, while the price increase was 10%, adding up to 4,670 million dollars. Exports to the Dominican Republic rose 26%,  Australia and New Zealand together grow 74% compared to last year, while South-East Asia exportsincreased51%.

Events calendar:

  • Anuga Köln opened it’s gates Saturday, I joined the fair and will be back with interesting news and facts next Monday morning!

European pig and piglet prices: HW= Hot weight; L= live weight;

GERMANY2,2 HW 74,5/25 kg  
NETHERLANDS2,01-2,22 HW 61,5/25 kg  
BELGIUM1,58 L 54/20 kg  
DANEMARK1,65 HW 72,5/25 kg  
FRANCE2,0 HW    
ITALY1,98 L115kg, 2,3 L160kg, DOC 121,5/30 kg    
SPAIN1,77 -1,79 L 62-71/20kg  
AUSTRIA2,22 HW 93/25 kg  
POLAND1,54-1,84 L 74-112/20-30 kg Partner info; no quotation
CROATIA2,05-2,25 HW107 / 25 kg Partner info; no quotation
SERBIA2,42 L 105-115/ 25 kg Partner info; no quotation
CZECH R.2,25 – 2,33 HW 75,5-81,5/ 25 kg Partner info; no quotation
SLOVAKIA1,82 -1,88 L 95-10025 kg Partner info; no quotation
HUNGARY1,78 – 1,91 L 95-100/ 25 kg Partner info; no quotation
ROMANIA1,69 – 1,92 L 95-100/25kg Partner info; no quotation

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